Why Choose for the 4 Channel Mixer for DJing

There has been an ongoing debate whether DJs should stick with the 2 channel mixer or start using the 4 channel type. Some say that the 2 channel mixer is enough but some say that in this modern digital era, having the 4 channel type will be completely handy – it gives you a new edge and flexibility in playing the decks that you want. So, why should you choose the 4 channel type and how it is going to work for you?

The Ongoing Debate

You see, most DJs say that the 2 channel mixer will be enough because it allows you to play 2 decks with a sampler (the latter one is optional so don’t worry too much about it) – and it is enough. However, others say that the ability to play 3 to 4 decks has increased, giving you an improved ability to have a different kind of mix with a different outcome and production.  But then again, the 2 channel mixer worshiper says that it is crazy and who would even do it for the regular event? However, there is a good use for the 4 channel mixer (along with the logical explanation) so don’t be pessimistic just yet.

The Reasons for a Good Use

The 4 channel mixer has the additional two decks that give you the opportunity to exercise your skill. You may be happy with the possibility that you can mix more but you should be cautious about it, really. Lose focus or do it wrong and you can actually press stop on the wrong side of the deck, messing the whole mix. Having the 4 channel mixer in your equipment for beginner DJs will be nice and handy only if you have improved your skills. It will hone your skills and your listening ability; you will soon realize that songs that are played at the same time don’t always sound good.

Second, the 4 channel mixer allows you to include more sound and effect to your mix. Are you interested in including the soundtrack from your favorite movie? You can do it. Do you want to add the unique sound from your vinyl collection? Feel free to do so. Having the 4 channel mixer gives you the opportunity to be creative and choose whatever type of effect that you want to add to your creation.

The last reason is that you can always have your own free mix easily. The 4 channel mixer gives you the ability and the control to do whatever you want with the music. After all, it comes with all the additional decks and sampler so what else do you need for more?